Tanzen Salzburg 5 Rhythmen DANCEworks

… the dance is where I get to rest from myself, my thoughts, the movies in my head, from criticism, comparison and analysis. When I dance I rest from automatic actions and movements. When I dance I rest from whining about situations I cannot or do not want to change. When I dance I rest from travelling into the past and future. When I dance I rest from dress rehearsals of my life and from plans. When I dance I rest from my ego characters. When I dance I rest from my resistance, tension, confusion, numbness. Because when I dance, I dance my thoughts, my plans, my characters, my shadows, my past, present and future. When I dance, that which has already began to move and is already moving of and by itself gets my attention, my light, my permission to freely express itself and thereby let go, transform and find a compassionate embrace which brings that precious feeling of peace and quiet. In those moments it is possible for whole days, months, years and lives to find rest … (Silvija Tomcik)

DANCEworks KG Workshops zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung durch Ausdruck von Emotionen, Bewegung & Tanz

Finsterau 53
4814 Neukirchen bei Altmünster

Firmenbuch FN 402357b
Gesellschafterin: Mag. Lisa Moser, MTD
Kommanditist: Dr. Franz Moser